Don’t Fret, You Won’t Get Wet –

By the Pet Food Institute Several pet owners believe that it is nearly impossible to give their pets a proper workout during the rainy season. However, owners are reminded that there are several activities that they can do to ensure that their beloved four-legged companions get their daily dose of exercise.

Don’t Fret, You Won’t Get Wet

Staying in and teaching their pets new tricks is a great example of a mental workout. Teaching one’s pet new tricks can help improve their behavior, increase bonding with their human, and help the pet be comfortable around people. When training one’s pet, owners are reminded to be patient and to take into consideration factors such as their pet’s abilities and age when they teach them tricks. If their pet is old, owners must not force them to learn strenuous tricks such as standing on their hind legs. Climbing up and down the stairs is a different form of exercise that owners can enjoy with their dogs and cats. Owners with a staircase at home may use this to strengthen their pet’s strength and stamina. This simple exercise also helps strengthen the bond between owner and pet as synchronicity is required to avoid untoward incidents. If climbing up and down the stairs is not an option, owners may play a game of fetch by sitting on top of the stairs and throwing a toy to their pet. This can also help the owner get exercise, as well, as they bring the ball back