KK clinic offers free cat food – The Star Online

KOTA KINABALU: Cat owners who face difficulties putting meals on their table, can get free cat food from a veterinary clinic in Cyber City near here.

Clinic owner Dr Randolf Paza posted on his Facebook page that anyone unable to buy nutritious food for their cats can get some at his clinic.

“Of course, we will vet those who come and make sure they are genuine cases, ” he said in an interview. Dr Randolf said while many people found it difficult during the pandemic with job losses and business closures, animals were also affected.

“Animals, too, need food and shelter. I hope my simple gesture will help ensure pet owners keep their pets instead of ditching and leaving them to fend for themselves, ” he said.

Although the amount of cat food to be given out daily is limited, Dr Randolf hopes this would still benefit the animals.

Besides the food, the clinic is also offering free grooming services for “friendly” cats and dogs.

“Those that are aggressive and tend to bite or hate